From the Depths of Helvetia...

Jurawolf is a one-man Swiss musical project by Lucius 1st. (formerly: Enderman).

Jurawolf was created in 2014, and is basically "metal without guitar", obscure and heavy synthesizer music somewhere between black metal and dungeon synth.

Jurawolf Black Synth’s influences:

Firmly rooted in the lands of Romandie or french Switzerland, the Jurawolf project is some atmospheric, misanthropic, and somber synthesizer music which can relate to the black metal, atmospheric metal, folk metal, industrial metal, or event dark ambient or dungeon synth, while still keeping its own unique codes and made with synthesizer and soundfonts only. I can’t call it proper metal because it lacks the typical metal instruments and I respect the purists. Thus my black synth metal (or synth black metal) denomination, while waiting to be attached to another genre.

I’ve been studying music theory, keyboard, synthesizer, for several years, and as far as I can remember I’ve been playing and improvising stuff on nearby pianos and keyboards around me. I have shitty coordination skills with piano or drums or even more with guitar, so the fact that computer-assisted music exists at the same time as I exist is really a blessing. I don’t share my music project with my entourage unless they show interest in it, because they mostly don’t know the meaning of “underground” and aren’t receptive about music experiments like mine.

The origin of the Jurawolf name is the Jura mountains (in the area where I used to live and where I got my inspiration from) and the werewolf I used to become at night, during times of severe insomnia. And obviously Insane Wolf Productions is about the Insanity Wolf meme.

Jurawolf sings (and speaks) French and English. There is one demo song in Skyrim Dragon Language, but it’s a shitty one, really. Even the Stormcloaks would execute me for that.

Influences and software:

My home studio can literally be used to record songs in the woods. Jurawolf uses LMMS and Audacity software on a GNU/Linux system, SF2 soundfonts, TripleOscillator, and ZynAddSubFx. I play riffs on a Prodipe USB keyboard, and sometimes write them by hand in LMMS. I own one standard microphone, and I sometimes intentionally use my laptop’s microphone for the harsh sounding lyrics. Digital instruments are detuned for a more natural sounding, and the A=440Hz reference is changed to 432 or 450, depending on the albums.

Creative Commons:

Jurawolf albums are available on Jamendo under a CC license. You are allowed to use them for non-profit purposes, according to the terms of each track’s license on Jamendo. When using my music, please mention Jurawolf with a link to http://jurawolf.info , the Jamendo page, or the Bandcamp page.

Support the artist:

While my music is freely available on Jamendo, you can still buy me a beer and an album on Bandcamp. You can get the high-quality audio (FLAC) from there, plus a few goodies like the front and back pages of the album’s cover.

Lucius 1st.